Monday, April 11, 2011

Filmmakers on Block Island

We were thrilled to host filmmakers Kyle S. Glowacky and Mike MacGregor at the Avonlea this past weekend.  Hailing from Portsmouth, NH, this was Kyle and Mike's second trip out to the Island working on their film "Manisses."

While working on Block Island this past summer, managing the historic Empire Theater, Kyle became very inspired by the beloved natural beauty of the Island.  Kyle and Mike's boundless enthusiasm for the Island is evident in their dedication to capturing every angle on film.  While on Island, Kyle and Mike hardly sleep - adrenaline is undoubtedly a major factor in their filming process.  They set up their camera atop the bluffs at dusk and then bring it down at dawn, not knowing the secrets it captured until the film is processed days later.

A rough cut of the film "Manisses" (from their first trip out last fall) can be seen here.

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  1. It must be pretty surreal to view and edit a day at the beach without knowing what has been captured. It's undoubtedly a day at the beach, but experienced a lot more differently that a standard feet in the sand kind of day at the beach. The filmmakers had a chance and probably did both, they definitely know what they are doing. Life's a beach.